Earthquake Preparedness Vancouver

Could the Big One hit the Lower Mainland tomorrow? Yes, according to Natural Resources Canada. Massive earthquakes--with a magnitude of 9.0 or higher—recur every 300 to 900 years in the Cascadia region. The last one likely hit the West Coast on January 26, 1700.

Similar quakes that hit Japan and Chile cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives, but they also showed the importance of being prepared.

Do you know what to do in an earthquake? Is your organization prepared? The key to survival is to have a disaster plan in place. National Fire and Safety Planners’ Earthquake Safety Training course will teach you how to be prepared, remain calm and, most importantly, stay alive.

You will learn earthquake theory, workplace emergency preparedness, survival tips and how to cope with the aftermath of a disaster.

Like every fire protection service we offer, our earthquake preparedness seminar is conducted with skill and professionalism. At Vancouver Fire and NFSP, our goal is to be your most trusted fire safety provider. Protecting what matters to you and doing it with a level of service you won’t find anywhere else.

Employees are the heart of every business. Protect what really matters – your people – by providing earthquake preparedness training. Register today. It could save your life.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Earthquake Theory

  • What earthquakes are, how they are measured and what the associated hazards are

Workplace Emergency Preparedness

  • Detailed instruction on emergency management and preparing for an earthquake or other natural disaster.
  • What food, supplies and gear go into a survival kit or pack.
  • Detailed emergency preparedness checklist for your disaster plan.

Survival Tips

  • How to survive the crucial first 72 hours following an earthquake: securing your environment, accessing supplies and responding to injuries.
  • Where to hide and what to do during the shaking.

Coping with the Aftermath

  • Recognizing the symptoms of shock and administering basic first-aid until emergency services arrive.
  • Recognizing emotional and psychological effects of a natural disaster on adults and children.

All participants receive a training manual.

Register today for an earthquake preparedness seminar.

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