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Warn and Evacuate

Every fire protection system requires properly installed and functioning fire alarms and emergency lighting units. Promptly detecting a fire is crucial for limiting property loss and saving lives. Emergency lighting is crucial for evacuating personnel from a building quickly.

As B.C.’s oldest and largest fire protection service company, Vancouver Fire has the experience and expertise to install your fire alarm and emergency lighting systems properly.

Our fire protection installation team is rigorously trained in house and boasts many years of electrical experience. We ensure your fire alarms and emergency lights comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards, such as the B.C. Building Code, National and B.C. Fire Code, Vancouver bylaws and NFPA.

The many regulations and standards governing emergency lighting and, especially, fire alarms often overlap. Allow our fire protection experts to navigate these complex requirements for you. We ensure your fire alarms and emergency lights are installed correctly.

Fire Alarms

Emergency Lighting

Our Fire Protection Service Guarantee

Fire Alarms

ULC S524 sets out the regulations for fire alarm installations. Although the regulations and standards are complex, we know them inside and out. We make sure your fire alarm system conforms to all applicable codes.

Vancouver Fire’s skilled personnel always perform the electrical work and testing required to install your fire alarm system properly.

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Emergency Lighting

As with fire alarm systems, emergency lighting installations involve extensive electrical work and should only be performed by a professional. We work with the authority having jurisdiction to ensure proper placement and installation of these systems.

Vancouver Fire’s skilled fire protection installers ensure your emergency lighting meets all regulatory requirements.

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Our Fire Protection Service Guarantee

Our goal is to be B.C.’s most trusted safety and security provider, protecting what matters most to our customers and delivering unmatched service with passion each and every day.

With our own central monitoring station, located in Metro Vancouver, and a large team of certified fire protection technicians, installers as well as troubleshooters, we’re here to serve you 24/7.

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