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National Fire Safety PlannersWhether you own, build or manage one building or many, you are responsible for the safety of the people who live or work there. Fire protection begins with good planning. A properly developed fire safety plan protects building occupants, reduces damage and prevents emergencies. It helps building occupants gain confidence and familiarity with emergency procedures.

Since 1991, Vancouver Fire’s National Fire and Safety Planners division has provided the most professional, comprehensive fire safety plans available in Western Canada. General contractors, building owners, property managers and developers trust us to customize fire safety plans for all types of buildings, including:

  • Residential, commercial and recreational buildings
  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • Low-rise and high-rise developments
  • Large multi-building complexes

Our goal is to be the most trusted fire protection service company in B.C. Every fire safety plan we craft meets the requirements of the B.C. and Alberta Fire Codes and municipal bylaws. That means you can trust our safety plans to be consistent and accurate.

We co-ordinate and work with your local fire department to secure their approval. Because we know you need an approved fire safety plan to obtain an occupancy permit, we meet our deadlines, so you can meet yours.

To streamline your project, and save you time, we also provide other occupancy requirements, such as:

  • Producing and installing evacuation, emergency, code and suite signage
  • Conducting fire safety training
  • Providing and installing fire extinguishers
  • Monitoring fire panels and elevators

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What a Fire Safety Plan Includes

A well-designed safety plan includes comprehensive, detailed information about your building and emergency procedures that work and are easy to understand. Our fire safety plans include:

  • A comprehensive fire safety building audit
  • Documentation of building resources and human resources
  • Fire department and firefighting information
  • Specific emergency procedures for occupants
  • Fire drill procedures and records
  • Methods for controlling fire hazards in the building
  • Maintenance schedule for the building’s fire protection equipment
  • Alternative safety measures for occupants
  • Building schematic floor and site plans

Our fire safety plan consultants also ensure your fire safety plan conforms with applicable fire codes and bylaws. We work closely with your local fire department to meet specific requirements and obtain their approval.

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How We Prepare a Fire Safety Plan

The first step in preparing a fire safety plan is scheduling a consultation. Our National Fire and Safety Planners consultant tours your building, noting the type and location of fire safety equipment available. By filling out a fire safety plan questionnaire, the consultant collects all the information needed to develop a plan.

Our consultant then:

  • Produces the safety plan text
  • Digitizes or renders AutoCAD drawings, adding the required information and using appropriate fire department standards
  • Sends you a draft for review and revises the fire safety plan according to your comments
  • Sends a hard copy and digital copy of the completed fire safety plan to you and the fire department
  • Produces wall plaque signs to be installed on each floor, usually by the elevators
  • Produces schematics for the local fire department, if required
  • Sends you the fire department’s approval letter for the fire safety plan, along with the fire department’s copy of the plan, if required

If you have asked us to supply fire extinguishers and/or fire safety plan boxes, our consultant organizes the parts and sends them to you, or books a technician to install the materials.

Our detailed planning protocol is just one of Vancouver Fire’s strict quality assurance measures. We work hard to make your job easier.

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