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If you own a highrise, or your building has low water pressure, your fire protection system likely includes a fire pump. By boosting water pressure, a fire pump ensures your sprinkler and/or standpipe system functions properly when tripped.

The BC Fire Code, Vancouver bylawsNFPA 25 and NFPA 20 standards require you to inspect and test your fire pumps regularly for water flow and pressure. For example, BC Fire Code section 6.6.3 calls for an annual test at full-rated capacity.

Our ASTT-certified fire protection technicians have undergone comprehensive fire pump manufacturer training and know the code requirements for installing, maintaining, inspecting and testing fire pumps and related fire protection systems, such as sprinklers and standpipes. We not only inspect and test your fire pumps, but also provide you with a detailed report and take care of any repairs.

Inspection Requirements

You must inspect or test the following weekly (every seven days or less):

  • Water reservoir: maintain it at proper levels
  • Air temperature in the pump room: must never fall below the minimum recommended by the engine manufacturer, or 4° C, whichever is higher
  • Pumps: Operate at rated speeds until you can verify the pump, driver and controller are working properly (10 minutes for electric, 30 minutes for diesel).

Monthly requirements

  • Electric motors may be tested monthly.
  • Internal combustion engine fire pumps: Operate long enough to bring the engines up to normal operating temperatures. Maintain storage batteries, lubrication systems, oil and fuel supplies at the correct levels.

Annual Requirements

  • You must test fire pumps at full capacity annually to ensure they can deliver the rated flow.

While we’re happy to conduct all these tests and inspections for you, we can also train your employees to do weekly or monthly inspections and tests. All results must be recorded and stored for examination by your local fire department.

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