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Be prepared. In a fire or earthquake, having a proper fire safety plan and training saves lives and minimizes damage. Are your tenants, employees and managers ready for an emergency?

Vancouver Fire is B.C.’s largest, most established fire safety and security provider. Our National Fire and Safety Planners division has the expertise to provide you with comprehensive, professional fire safety plans, occupants and managers fire safety training, and earthquake preparedness training.

We also provide a full range of fire protection services, including:

And, of course, safety plans and training.

This broad range of fire protection services gives you the flexibility, expertise and efficiency you need. Our skilled, fire code consultants and ASTT-certified fire protection technicians become intimately familiar with all aspects of your systems and building, eliminating unnecessary conversations and miscommunication. We take full responsibility for our work. One call takes care of all your fire protection needs.

Our goal is to be B.C.’s most trusted safety and security provider, protecting what matters most to our customers and delivering unmatched service with passion each and every day. Whether your commercial or industrial building is in Vancouver, Surrey, Coquitlam or elsewhere in Metro Vancouver or the Fraser Valley, we want to be your fire protection service provider.

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Fire Safety Plans

A properly developed and implemented fire safety plan prevents emergencies and reduces their impact.

As a general contractor, building owner, property manager or developer, you may operate a facility and face challenges unlike anyone else’s. That’s why we take the time to tailor a safety plan to fit your specific needs.

We can also take care of your evacuation and wayfinding signage, and discuss your fire monitoring needs, as we develop your comprehensive, customized safety plan.

Learn more about our fire safety plans.

Fire Safety Training

Once you have a fire safety plan, your building occupants, employees and site managers need to know how to implement its emergency procedures. In fact, the B.C. Fire Code and local municipal bylaws require all supervisory staff to receive training before being granted any responsibility for fire safety.

Our fire safety trainers—off-duty firefighters and fire inspectors—conduct seminars in your workplace. Like the safety plans, the training can be customized for your building or situation. Every participant receives a manual.

Learn more about fire safety training.

Earthquake Preparedness

Everyone knows the Big One is coming. Are you prepared? Vancouver Fire’s earthquake preparedness course explains:

  • Earthquake theory
  • Workplace emergency preparedness
  • Survival tips
  • Coping with the aftermath

It may happen next year, next century—or tomorrow. Being ready means protecting lives and property.

Learn more about our earthquake preparedness training.

Our Fire Protection Technicians

Because your safety is our mandate, we have a large team of certified fire protection technicians and a team of troubleshooters. Our policy is to not hire personnel from other fire protection companies—we don’t want to inherit poor safety habits. Instead, we insist that all our fire protection technicians complete our customized in-house training program. The result? An excellent standard of service:

  • All technicians are certified by Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of B.C. (ASTT)
  • On call 24/7. Our technicians respond to a “Priority 1” emergency within one hour or less.
  • We follow up with you within 24 hours to update you on our findings, ensuring the issue has been resolved, and you are satisfied with the outcome.
  • Our service trucks are equipped with costly GPS systems, so we can monitor the length of every service call.
  • Our quality control manager’s full-time job is making sure you receive the best service possible.

At Vancouver Fire and National Fire and Safety Planners, we are proud of our strict service standards. We are continually honing our quality assurance measures, so you receive the best fire protection possible.

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