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Our Impact is about More than our Products. 

For the past 70 years, Vancouver Fire has protected people and property from fire, keeping our communities safe. Our corporate giving program, Community Matters, collaborates with community partners to mitigate the impact on families who have been devastated by fire.

This year, our employee-lead philanthropic committee responsible for determining the recipients of the company’s annual community gifts has chosen The BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund, and the Red Cross as the recipients of our financial grants and volunteer efforts.

Protecting our Environment – Our work with the Red Cross

The Red Cross improves the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world. Whenever there is a fire or flood, the Red Cross responds. Our gift helps to fund their response and meet the urgent needs of local individuals, families and communities rebuilding after these emergencies.

Connect with the Red Cross on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @RedCrossCanada

Supporting Families devastated by Fire – Our work with The BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund.

The THRIVE program was created to meet the unique challenges of youth associated with sustaining a burn injury. The program supports young adults to navigate high school, adopt a sense of independence and adapt to new and changing roles. Our funds are directed to host their annual retreat in Kelowna.

Check them out on Instagram and Twitter @bcburnfund and on Facebook @burnfundbc


Surrey Food Bank

Vancouver Fire understands that victims of fire can often be left with very few resources to turn to, and therefore strongly believes in supporting the work of local food banks. Since 2016, the company has focused its Spread the Cheer holiday campaign to benefit the Surrey Food Bank. Generosity and friendly competition abounded, In addition to raising donations, and hundreds of pounds of food, an enthusiastic crew also volunteers an average of 35 hours at the distribution centre. 

"For me, it was an eye opener, all walks of life, people you wouldn’t expect that were in need of the basic necessities.  Some were so happy to see you, some were obviously regulars and others were visibly humbled to be needing food bank support.  I left there feeling inspired that there is a non-government, local, community-funded organization that is there to help people with the basic necessities every day."

Vancouver Fire Surrey Food Bank

"Spent the day volunteering at the Surrey food bank today and I feel pretty grateful.  I never realized how many people use the food bank every day approximately 220 families.  If you have a chance to donate please do there are so many families in need.  People think of families as just people but in reality, they are meaning pets too.  They even give pet food to feed their pets.  Many people including myself think of the homeless or people on disability/social services only using the food bank but many of the people are people just not making as much as they need to survive.  I highly recommend volunteering at your local food bank if you have a chance."

More Community Matters at Radius Security 

Check out how our teammates at Radius Security are investing in community matters. Reaching out to vulnerable youth, volunteering with the John Howard Society, and more!

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