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At VanFire we help strengthen communities by mitigating the impact for families whose homes are devastated by fire. 

Here are the ways we’re investing in our community:



When an apartment building in Langley caught fire in December 2016, many families were left without shelter or resources to get them through the holiday season.

Sources Community Resource Centres put together a support system for the victims of this fire. They offered these families special food bank distributions, as well as trauma counselling sessions, and advocacy programs.

Vancouver Fire and Radius Security works every day to provide our community with fire safety equipment, services, and education. Taking our mission one step further, we purchased $2500 in gift cards from Real Canadian Superstore to help some of these families get back on their feet. As a bonus, Superstore was moved by our efforts and generously donated an extra $200 in gift cards.

To find out how you can help, check out Sources and its many community outreach programs at:

Listen to Kash Heed of 107.7 FM talk about the Langley fire and interview Sources BC CEO, David Young, who mentions Vancouver Fire's contribution at the 4:32 mark.

Surrey Food Bank

Vancouver Fire understands that victims of fire can often be left with very few resources to turn to, and therefore strongly believes in supporting the work of local food banks. In 2016, the company took on its first fundraising initiative for the Surrey Food Bank. Generosity and friendly competition abounded. With a corporate matching offer of $1,500, the company raised $5,883 and donated almost 1,150 pounds of food to the Surrey Food Bank. An enthusiastic crew also put in 35 volunteer hours at the distribution centre. These results put Vancouver Fire and Radius Security in the top 10 of the 246 companies that held Holiday Food and Fund Drives for the Surrey Food Bank in 2016. Not bad for a first try.

This 2017 holiday season, we are yet again supporting the Surrey Food Bank, and are well on our way to meeting our goal! One again, a group of 15 employees volunteered their time to help with food distribution at the food bank. Below are a few employee testimonies of the experience:

"For me it was an eye opener, all walks of life, people you wouldn’t expect that were in need of the basic necessities.  Some were so happy to see you, some were obviously regulars and others were visibly humbled to be needing food bank support.  I left there feeling inspired that there is a non-government, local, community funded organization that is there to help people with the basic necessities every day."

"Spent the day volunteering at the surrey food bank today and I feel pretty grateful.  I never realized how many people use the food bank every day approximately 220 families.  If you have a chance to donate please do there are so many families in need.  People think of families as just people but in reality they are meaning pets too.  They even give pet food to feed their pets.  Many people including myself think of the homeless or people on disability/social services only using the food bank but many of the people are people just not making as much as they need to survive.  I highly recommend volunteering at your local food bank if you have a chance."

Ariel Paguia Scholarship


2017 scholarship recipient Daniel Nottingham. 

Ariel Paguia, a well-loved employee and member of the Radius Security family, lost his battle with cancer on September 22, 2008. He joined Vancouver Fire and Radius Security in 2005, serving with distinction in our service department, and was greatly respected by his colleagues for his kind spirit, dedication to his work, and devotion to his family.

The Ariel Paguia Scholarship works to recognize similar qualities in the family members of company employees, and assist them in their pursuit of post-secondary education.

Congratulations to the 2017 recipient, Daniel Nottingham who 2 years into his degree in Journalism from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, with a 3.67 GPA. Congratulations are also due to our runner up, Benjamin Carris, who is pursuing a degree at McGill University in Chemical Engineering. We are so proud to be supporting these two young students in their academic endeavours.

Download the application for the Ariel Paguia Scholarship.

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