What Should Be Included in a Fire Safety Plan for a Commercial Building

July 23rd, 2022 | by Vancouver Fire | in Fire Protection Inspections |    0   comments

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A fire safety plan for a commercial building is a sophisticated plan of action that will encompass several pages. Below we will outline for you what is generally included in one of these plans.

  1. Have a plan.

The most important part of your plan is to have one. The plan should be well thought out, well organized, appropriate for your size of building and should be readily available to anyone who wants a copy.

  1. Objectives

The fire safety plan should have clear objectives which are namely to evacuate everyone safely out of the building and prevent as much as possible injury to employees or visitors and damage to the building and/or contents. In addition to objectives, this is what else you need, below:

  1. There should be a clear line of command with the responsibilities assigned to each person in case of emergency, and how to contact them.
  2. Everyone needs to know what they are supposed to do and where to do it, such as where staff should meet safely outside in the event of a fire drill.
  3. Floor fire wardens need to know what their duties are including safeguarding anyone with limited mobility.
  4. Whatever fire-fighting equipment is available should be listed and shown on a map. Staff should be shown how to access and use the equipment, such as hoses or fire extinguishers or fire alarms or sprinkler systems.
  5. There should be floor plans available, lists of contact information, and records of purchase or inspections of equipment at the end of the ledger or notebook.


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