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Keep Your Business Safe With A Fire Plan

As a business owner the last thing on your mind is what to do in case of a fire, but being prepared is the best way to make sure that everyone in your business will be safe should a fire occur. Install proper fire alarms and sprinkler systems and make sure that you test them on a regular basis.


On top of that, it's essential that you make a fire plan. Map a secure escape route out and away from the building. Part of you fire plan should also include a designated meeting spot at a safe distance from the building where you will take roll to determine whether or not there’s anyone left in the building.

Get Everyone Involved

Find out if anyone in your office is willing to volunteer as a kind of fire marshal and if not, you might want to designate one yourself. You can also have someone volunteer to be in charge of a list of employees, and always have a back-up for each role. If you have a large business, you might consider working with a specialized consulting company. A consulting firm can help you with the logistics of dealing with a large building or a large number of employees.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Even though everyone hopes they will never have to use a fire plan, the best way to make sure that it is effective is to conduct regular fire safety drills. Fire drills allow everyone to practice their role, to make sure the escape route is easily followed, and ensures everyone more confident should a fire occur. You should aim to have several drills per year, especially if you live in an area where climate varies throughout the year. Make sure to have a meeting after each drill so that everyone can offer feedback and voice any concerns they have about the fire plan.

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