How to Conduct Company Fire Inspections

February 10th, 2020 | by Vancouver Fire | in Fire Protection Inspections |    1   comments

Conducting a company fire inspection

Why doing company-wide fire inspections?

Company fire inspections are done to protect all your workers and your business structure from fire. Frequent and regular fire inspections must be carried out professionally to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents.

Fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and fire alarms all play a crucial role in fire prevention. Here are some of the most important reasons points to remember when conducting a fire inspection.

1. Precautions to Prevent Electrical Fires

To reduce electrical fires from happening, you should verify that there are metal covers on circuit breaker panels and junction boxes. All panels and electrical boxes should be labeled clearly to know the functionality of each circuit.

You should make sure that you have cleared out a place at least thirty inches in front of the circuit breaker panels so any individual can get in and turn them off instantly in case of danger. Your PC and other devices should be connected to a multi-outlet surge protector.

2. Working Fire Suppression Tools

You should test the fire alarms before the inspection to make sure that they are in good condition. The fire extinguishers should be easy to access.

The number of fire extinguishers you require depends on the size of your company and your office space. The sprinkler system must have been tested within the last year by a licensed company before the fire inspections are done.

3. Protect your Customers and Employees

Before you conduct a fire inspection in your company, you should clear out all the entrances to the exits, including stairs and aisles. You need to post some maps of emergency exits in all the main sections of the company structure. Test the emergency lights and exits signs to confirm that they are normal and also work in backup power mode.

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