Having a Christmas Party? Plan for Fire Protection.

December 23rd, 2018 | by Vancouver Fire | in |    2   comments


If you are planning a party for the holidays this year, make sure your venue has proper fire protection processes in place. Fire alarms, both monitored and standard, can save lives in the event of a fire break out. Large events such as holiday parties are considered to be a higher risk for fire due to a large number of people in a small condensed area, plus often there is use of candles or other heat sources. Also, when drinking alcohol becomes a factor -the risk is even higher.

Check to make sure your holiday party venue has proper fire alarms and procedures in place. As an example, here are some ideas for processes that should be in place by the venue:

-        Proper Alarms. The building should have properly installed and inspected alarms. Even better if they are monitored alarms. Though a standard alarm is useful when people are present to be sure that they are alerted, a monitored alarm means that during the chaos of a holiday party, you can be confident that the correct authorities will be called in the event of a fire.

-        Capacity and Fire Procedures posted. Your venue should clearly mark what the buildings maximum capacity for people is, and they should be vigilant in ensuring you do not exceed this number. Plus, the venue should have easy to read signs that give directions for the procedure in case of a fire, including a muster point.

-        Address made obvious. If there is a fire, the person who is calling the fire department needs to know the address of the building. This address should be listed somewhere obvious for people to find (not just on your rental contract!)

During your holiday parties this year, rest assured knowing that your friends and family are safe from the threat of fire by making sure your chosen venue has proper fire protection protocols in place.



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