Fireplaces, Christmas Lights and Trees, Oh My!

November 28th, 2018 | by Vancouver Fire | in |    0   comments


Christmas is coming really quickly – and with it comes a set of fire safety hazards that are not always present throughout the rest of the year. To make sure your family has a happy and safe holiday season, we have put together this list of Christmas fire safety tips for you to follow during the festive season.

The Christmas Tree

Be sure to get as fresh of a tree as possible, and look for a tree with a high moisture content – strong green colouration and a noticeable fragrance. Use a tree stand that can hold a few litres of water and be sure to top up the water daily. Do not place your tree near a heat source such as a radiator or fireplace, and never use candles as decorations on the tree.


Choose Christmas decorations that are resistant to fire, and avoid using glass wool or spray snow as it is highly combustible. Elect CSA certified light strings, and when possible use LED lights which do not heat up. Always inspect every string of lights before use to be sure they are not frayed or broken. Always be sure to turn off electric decorations before going to bed for the night or leaving the home.


It is best to avoid burning candles completely, but if you do elect to use them – never leave candles unattended, and keep them well away from any flammable objects. Put candles in sturdy holders before lighting them.

The Fireplace

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, do not use the fireplace for burning gift wrap or boxes and do not leave the fire unattended. Clean the ashes regularly. Do not hang stockings or other decorations in front of the fireplace when in use, and consider using a screen in front of the fireplace to protect yourself and guests from injury.

With Christmas just around the corner, follow these tips to keep your home and your family safe from potential fire hazards during the holiday season. Choose qualified, safe decorations and be smart about how and when you use them. Enjoy the seasonal festivities!

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