Fire Technician, Farnaz Shivaei breaksdown gender barriers in Fire Protection Industry

May 16th, 2019 | by Vancouver Fire | in Fire Protection Inspections |    2   comments

This week, ASTTBC recognized Fire Protection Technician, Farnaz Shivaei for breaking down gender barriers in the Fire Protection industry, where currently only 2% of Registered Fire Protection Technicians are female. 

"I have worked in different fields; however I was always looking for a job that serves the beautiful community that welcomed me and my family," Farnaz immigrated family from Iran and moved to Canada in 2014. She now works to test commercial and residential buildings. 

She explained that sometimes people are surprised to see a woman is performing the job of testing and inspecting fire and life safety equipment in a building. 

Vancouver Fire's Technical Trainer, Mo Hashemi, RFPT says “Farnaz is a symbol of determination and resiliency. She is highly ethical, has a great eye for detail and is a real pleasure to work with. Farnaz is smart and passionate about what she does and thereupon, a great asset to our team.

After completing ASTTBC's Fire Protection Training Program Farnaz was hired immediately with glowing recommendations from Manager of the ASTTBC Fire Protection Technician Program, Karen McDiarmid “From the get-go, Farnaz was enthusiastic about working in the fire protection industry and a year later she continues to add more fire protection endorsements to her list of accomplishments.” 

To see the full spotlight of Farnaz's contribution to the ASTTBC check out this month's issue of ASTTBC Connect. 

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