Earthquake Preparedness Can Save Your Life

July 27th, 2015 | by Vancouver Fire | in Safety Plans and Training |    0   comments

earthquake preparedness.jpgQuick – there’s an earthquake about to happen. How do you react? 

If you aren’t sure of what the answer should be, you are probably not prepared in the event of an earthquake. But when the Big One comes, as many believe will be happening soon, you need to know exactly what to do so that you do not waste any time. 

An earthquake preparedness training course can give you the knowledge you need to keep safe. You’ll learn about earthquake theory, workplace emergency preparedness, survival tips, and how to deal with the aftermath of an earthquake. All of these skills are incredibly important. 

This is not just theoretical knowledge that will not assist you at all in the event of an earthquake. Earthquake preparedness training gives you detailed, useful tips, including what to pack in an emergency kit, how to prepare a detailed checklist for your disaster plan at home or at work, survival tips to get you through the first several days after an earthquake including injury response, and what your exact steps should be to keep safe during the shaking itself. 

Major earthquakes in other areas have shown that there are many lives lost when people do not know what to do. Panic is a natural reaction, and it takes education to combat this reflex. If you take an earthquake preparedness course, your brain will have all of the relevant knowledge stored within, so you will be prepared to jump into action immediately, when an earthquake hits.

If you don’t know what to do when an earthquake is threatening your safety and that of your friends and family, it is time to become prepared. Take an earthquake preparedness course as soon as possible and give yourself an advantage against natural disaster.

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