Do I Need an Emergency Generator for my Business?

June 25th, 2019 | by Vancouver Fire | in Safety Plans and Training |    0   comments

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Do I need an emergency generator for my business? What size?


A commonly asked security question revolves around the need for an emergency generator for a business. Many business owners have wondered if they require an emergency generator, and if so what size?

An emergency backup generator is a permentaly wired-in generator that will automatically kick in should a power outage occur. Commercial generators are installed outside usually, and can be propane or natural gas powered. For most businesses, investing in, and installing an emergency generator is well worth it for a couple reasons.

Keeping People Safe

First and foremost, an emergency generator is able to help keep people safe. In a building or location that the public, or a high number of people access, emergency lighting is a safety requirement. In smaller offices or buildings, a generator can provide some lighting to make sure that people do not hurt themselves in the dark. This is especially useful as part of fire safety, as often a fire can cause an outage, and an emergency generator may be able to get some lights back on to aid with evacuation.

Help Productivity

While the power does not go out too often, when it does it is often at less than ideal times. Having an emergency generator on hand should it go out can allow employees to continue to work, making sure essential tasks are not forgotten.

As for the size of the generator, many manufacturers and experts recommend using the following formula to calculate the size of generator that you would need to continue on as if normal.

This formula is: 30kW + 5 Watts per square foot

So for a small office of 1000 square feet, a 35kW generator should be proficient.

Investing in an emergency generator is well worth. Talk to Vanfire today to learn more about your options.

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