Are You Prepared in the Event of an Earthquake in Vancouver?

October 17th, 2014 | by Vancouver Fire | in Safety Plans and Training |    1   comments

earthquake_preparedness.jpgAn earthquake could be devastating to Vancouver and its residents — are you prepared at home and at work? 

Do not leave earthquake preparedness up to chance, thinking that it will never happen to you. There is a high likelihood that Vancouver residents will experience an earthquake in their lifetimes. Proper earthquake preparedness can make the difference between life and death. Preparing your business and your employees, and creating a safety plan is one of the best ways to ensure you will be okay. 

First Reactions Matter 

One of the first things employees should understand is what to do, immediately, if an earthquake takes place in Vancouver. Where should they go, and what steps should they take to remain safe?

An earthquake safety plan should train employees on basic steps like securing items that could fall and cause injury or damage, and finding a place to drop and cover themselves during shaking. 


In the aftermath of an earthquake in Vancouver, people may be in shock, and could experience many forms of trauma, both physical and emotional. Part of being prepared is having a plan to address these issues and seek safety even if they are in shock or injured. Do your employees know how to properly evacuate their workspaces? What should they do if they are trapped in the building? 

By creating an earthquake safety plan that all employees understand and follow, the crucial 72 hours after an earthquake in Vancouver can be less traumatic. You can also encourage preparedness by having a workplace disaster supply kit. 

Consider attending an earthquake safety seminar with your staff in order to ensure that everyone is fully knowledgeable about this type of natural disaster. Make earthquake preparedness, and developing safety plans, an important priority for your Vancouver business.

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